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Monde Zaza

Keep us updated on this young woman, we look forward to more of her writing. I thoroughly enjoyed the piece on witchcraft, I saw a lot of parallels with practices in my own country, Zambia, as well as other parts of Southern Africa. Hopefully some comparative studies on this and many other aspects of our shared Bantu culture are in the offing!

Martin Jumbam

Bakwerirama, lucky are you who count among your lot the likes of Iya Rosemary, Dibussi, Emil, Simon et al!!! "Iya" sounds like the Bakweri version of the Lamnso "Yaah", meaning "Queen". If that is what it stands for, then that title couldn't have been sitting on a more deserving head!!

Namondo Doris

I am a student of the university of Buea reading Women And Gender Studies.
I wish to know why there is no article talking about the status of Bakweri women.Is it that the women are completely comfortable with the way the tradition views them? Is the custom not creating setbacks which causes a barrrier to the development and progress of the bakweri woman? Why are the women themselves completely silent?



It's a great pleasure to write to you.I'm a doctoral student in anthropology at the yaounde I University.I don't know how to express my joy , I have just discovered your site. The thing that make me so happy is that my predoctoral dissertation topic( called in french DEA) concern the Bakweri people.The topic is "Albino in cameroonian cultural particularism : bamileke and Bakweri experiences" I was suffring from a lack of documents and my only source of data was thefield work which I make few monts ago in certain Bakweri villages. i thank you a lot for what you're doing and I beg those of you who are inspired about my topic to write to me Thank you a lot.
Best wishes


wgaguddy bowree.

Webmaster & editor-in-chief of Peuplesawa.com

Please contact me on the email above for exchange of views regarding networking & joint publishing of Bakwerirama & Peuplesawa documents.

SpeedyPin Phone Cards

Who may I send email to regarding our phone card affiliate program?

Charmaine manga Williams Nokuri nee Duke

Hello Ma'am,
I would like to be a contributing editor to bakweri.com. I graduated from The Univeristy of Virginia, with a degree in African History. By using my knowledge of linguistics I was able to trace the ancestors of Manga Williams and former D.O. Christopher R. Nokuri. I believe that we must put foolish alliances behind us and be true Bakwaris and reclaim our history. If necessary I will forward you my senior thesis or you can read my blog. Thanks for your time and here is a picture of my father-in-law, Christopher Robert Nokuri.


I was very impressed to see all you have written about the bakwerei people dating back to the early days, great job. Do you plan to write any recent infor, especially related to the bakweries of the inner land to say and you are such a beautiful woman. Thanks Mbua - U.S.A.

mpando paul

j'ai toujours su que tu etais quelqu'un d'exceptionnel, bravo!!!!
passe le bonjour a dora

DIPITA Rolland

Big Sister 'o wousrelie'. I am very proad of you. This is Rolland Geries friend back in Cameroon. Remenber me when we always came from soa to Essos to eat nice meals from your house. I have not forgotten your hospitable and good nature of your speech. God still has alot to do for you. I am praying for, keep up for who says the Camer man is behind? Love ya Big Sister.

kale raymond

I was looking at this site and I found that I finally found a place to know my mother tongue the bakweri tongue so please let me know what materials like books that can help me progress


Salut EKOSSO...
of course no comment, for me it's not a surprise...you still a genius.
greet molingi for me.
please try to contact me.




Simon, are you sure you are man enough for this powerful, opinionated lady? Perhaps you should visit her personal blog at www.ekosso.com and make that judgement.


S N Ngomba

Great pleasure finding this site. It has strengthened my knowkedge on the traditions of the Bakweri people. I am currently writing a book, partly fiction and non-fiction, and found the sight very enlightening. Maybe you would be interested in editing or even publishing the book.


Excellent profile! We need more of such Bakweri ladies.Nice site.

darrl .M.E.Mokosso

Intend working with editors on touristic ventures/destinations as an online magazine.Are there any chances obtaining relevant solutions or partnership?
Yours sincerely,

Mola Thomas ndive Mokake

Congratulations to the Editors of Bakwerirama. Your efforts need to connect with a similar working group in Fako that will publish hard copies as well as mobilise support to revive the Mopke culture and traditional heritage. We also need to organise a forum for the diaspora to mobilise resources needed to hire a reputable consultant to publish a Bakweri language book and Dictionary for people to be able to speak and write Bakweri within three to six months. I am willing to make a donation. You have made the Mopke proud!TNM.

how to write a masters dissertation

Blogs are good for every one where we get lots of information for any topics nice job keep it up !!!

how to write a masters dissertation

Blogs are good for every one where we get lots of information for any topics nice job keep it up !!!

elive luma ngale

hello its wonderful and beautiful to see the tremendous work carried out by our sister IYA EKOSSO.To complement this I have released a smashing musical album in bakweri having six different dances of the mokpe culture.Iam the Vice Principal of GHS Batoke and the former Chief of Cabinet to the Gov.Del.Limbe City Council.

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